Electric Ford F-150 will receive an increased range

Electric Ford F-150 will receive an increased range

October 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The newest car of the American company Electric Ford F-150 was shown on patent images.

Ford announced last month that it will invest $ 700 million in a pickup plant in Dearborn, where the F-150 Electric will be built in 2023. This will be a cornerstone for the brand as the pickup is currently the best-selling model in the American car market and has remained so for decades.

Obviously, when a model is so popular and well-known, it must be well received by all kinds of clients. Some people like the power, some like the look, but there are also those who are more interested in running costs. And perhaps a lot of people are concerned about the all-electric F-150’s range.

The declassified patent image suggests the pickup might have an extended range. Photos submitted to the US Trademark and Patent Office in April 2018 and published on September 15 show a small generator shaped like a toolbox in the cargo bed of a vehicle.

One of the patented sketches shows the actual layout of the generator, but there is no information on the technical specifications of the device. The patent specification only states that “engine performance is design dependent and can be selected to provide the desired electrical power output.”