Electric Cruise Origin without steering wheel and pedals will revolutionize transportation

Electric Cruise Origin without steering wheel and pedals will revolutionize transportation

January 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The novelty presented at a special event has already been nicknamed the car of the future.

Cruise Origin is an autonomous electric car similar to the Volkswagen Sedric concept. Cruise promises that the new product will get on the conveyor and change the way we are used to moving from place to place. The company did not go into details, it is only known that Origin will be able to solve a number of problems related to car ownership, travel services, traffic jams and the environment. Autonomous Cruise Origin gets a revolutionary interior without a steering wheel, pedals and instrument cluster. The vacated space allowed designers to build an airy and spacious interior with two rows of armchairs facing each other.

They do not plan to sell such cars. They will be available to the new Cruise service. The car is based on a new electric platform from General Motors.

For the safety of Cruise Origin passengers (special attention is paid to this aspect in autonomous cars), many special sensors monitor the situation on the road. Devices cope with their task even with poor visibility – in rain or fog. The fact that Origin is modular suggests that over time, the company can easily upgrade its car, which is economically viable. The manufacturer can simply upgrade individual components, such as sensors and computers, without having to replace the entire fleet.

¬†Origin’s life expectancy is expected to exceed 1,000,000 miles (1,609,344 km). This is six times more than the average car. All this will help maintain affordable rates for customers. Also, the company will not need to pay driver labor, which will also reduce costs. Unfortunately, it has not yet been announced how much the trip to Cruise Origin will cost. It is only known that the brand has something to interest customers. The manufacturer also remains silent about the launch of production of its new products. The answer to this question may be given in the coming months.