Electric coupe Genesis Essentia can appear in 2021?

Electric coupe Genesis Essentia can appear in 2021?

April 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Last year, as part of the motor show in New York, the prestigious South Korean brand Genesis introduced the concept electric coupe called Essentia. This year, the same guys showed the development of this concept.

Manfred Fitzgerald, the current vice-president of the automaker, said that we would not have to wait long to hear the details of the first all-electric model, which should go on sale in 2021, while talking to journalists from the Australian edition of Motoring.

He refused to reveal the identity of the car, but noted that the novelty will not be the production version of the concept presented in New York.

Fitzgerald also said that at the end of this year, sales of the GV80 crossover will start on the South Korean car market. It was said that the electric novelty will be built on a fully electric platform. On the question of what will happen next with the presented concept of Essentia, he replied: “We are serious about everything we do. Typically, in the automotive industry, concept cars have a very short lifespan – they are mainly needed for a one-time demonstration of brand capabilities. We do not belong to such companies. As for the future concept of Essentia, we will provide information later. ”

So far, little is known about the future of the electric coupe, but we recall that this concept had electric engines that generated an indefinite total power sufficient to accelerate to 100 km / h in about three seconds. Genesis project leader Peter Schreier said last year that spectacular butterfly doors would not go into production.