Electric cars will increase mileage by 100 kilometers

Electric cars will increase mileage by 100 kilometers

August 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The maximum range of electric cars will be increased by more than 100 km.

The mileage will be increased thanks to an electric generator in the form of a 650 cm3 rotary motor. The new engine, which was developed by Tomsk specialists, will operate on an environmentally friendly fuel – hydrogen.

“Our generator generates energy thanks to a rotary piston motor running on environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel. Its volume is 650 cubic meters. cm, and due to this, you can get an additional 20 kW of electricity. Such a concept has a number of advantages, such as low weight, low noise and vibration levels, and also simplicity of design, “the Tomsk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences said.

The device, according to the developers, will be popular in cold regions, where there are difficulties with the introduction of electric cars due to the fact that additional energy is required to heat the passenger compartment. Testing may begin very soon.