Electric cars were too heavy for McLaren

Electric cars were too heavy for McLaren

September 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The British are not ready to make an electric hypercar, because it contradicts the brand philosophy

McLaren will not produce an electric hypercar just to meet current environmental trends: the British believe that electric power plants make the car too heavy.

For two years, McLaren manufactured 375 copies of the P1 super hybrid, but it was decided to abandon the further production of the hypercar. The problem is the excess weight of the car: a powerful hybrid propulsion system makes the electric hypercar too heavy, which significantly degrades the dynamic performance. However, McLaren does not abandon the idea of ​​electric cars in principle. At the moment, the British are working on the idea of ​​creating a hypercar with an electric power plant, which would be both quick and easy.

According to Motoring, citing McLaren global marketing director Jamie Korstorfine, the brand will not produce a fully-electric hypercar until it is convinced that it will be the best in the class. According to the plans of the British, this should happen no earlier than 2024. The top manager says it’s extremely important for McLaren to pay special attention to the low weight of the car, as this is one of the key factors that affect driving pleasure. Haste is useless here, says Korstorfine – it is better to wait until the technology is brought to perfection.