Electric cars for the first time bypassed conventional cars for efficiency In Japan

Electric cars for the first time bypassed conventional cars for efficiency In Japan

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Owners of electric vehicles for the first time were more satisfied with the efficiency of their cars than owners of gasoline cars. This conclusion is contained in a recent study by JD Power on the Japanese market J.D. Power 2019 Japan Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL).

Rating J.D. Power does not rely on objective indicators, but on the opinion of motorists, i.e., it is not the economy that is measured (a measured characteristic), but satisfaction with the economy (a subjective indicator). Two criteria are considered – the power reserve between refueling / charging and fuel / energy consumption. And if in the first “electric train” they still noticeably lag behind the industry average (6.07 points versus 6.5 out of 10), then in terms of consumption they have already bypassed ICE cars (6.75 points versus 6.26).

General Efficiency Index for Electric Vehicles in J.D. Power was 644 points out of 1000 possible, while the industry average was 636 points out of 1000 possible. That is, electric vehicles are rated by their owners as more efficient with respect to cars with gasoline and diesel engines.

If we talk about the rating of J.D. Power 2019 Japan APEAL as a whole, it also takes into account the following aspects: exterior, interior, capacity, media system, seats, climate control, dynamics, engine / transmission, visibility and safety, fuel economy.

The poll leader in 2019 was Lexus (733 points). BMW (730), Volvo (728) and Mercedes-Benz (727) are almost behind them.

It is noteworthy that the highest place among mass brands took Volkswagen (704). He managed to get ahead of Mazda (681), Subaru (672), Toyota (654), Honda (651) and other Japanese brands. Recall a survey was conducted in Japan.