Electric cars can get green numbers

Electric cars can get green numbers

October 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to new plans, electric cars sold in Britain can acquire green license plates, rather than plain yellow or white.

So, the British authorities began to discuss this proposal. According to the government, this will stimulate the use of electric cars and make it easier for local authorities to introduce their own incentive measures (for example, allow electric cars to use bus lanes or park for free).

According to the British Department of Transportation, a similar scheme in which electric cars were given green numbers and provided access to limited lanes in Ontario contributed to the growth in sales of electric models. Other states, such as China and Norway, also make a distinction between electric cars and ICEs, using different license plates and offering different incentives to attract customers’ attention.

 In Britain, buyers are given a grant of £ 3,500 when purchasing an electric car. And if it costs more than 40,000 pounds, then the owner is exempt from paying road tax. In Norway, those who purchase electric cars do not have to pay purchase / import taxes, as well as 25% VAT, they can ride on bus lanes and park for free at certain paid parking lots.

This proposal is part of the British government’s strategy to reduce environmental pollution, which should help the UK become carbon-neutral by 2050. It emphasizes that license plates can be completely green, have a specific green symbol or a green bar in the lower area.