Electric car maker Rivian has promised an original platform for Ford

Electric car maker Rivian has promised an original platform for Ford

January 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla competitor is going to make a kind of “skateboards” for Ford electric vehicles. On such a universal platform, you can put any type of body.

Rivian, a highly promising electric car startup, is set to create a special platform for the future premium electric car Ford. Rivian experts will develop a “cart” with an electrified motor, battery, wheels and computer systems, a kind of “skateboard”. The brand will give the platform to Ford, which, in turn, will put its own body on it, releasing finished electric cars. This information was distributed by Bloomberg, whose correspondents refer to Rivian CEO Ar-Jay Scaringe. It was he who compared the new project with a skateboard. Recall that more than $ 3 billion was invested in the project for creating electrified platforms from Rivian.

The fact that Ford is going to create an electric car using the Rivian developments became known back in April 2019. At the same time, it was reported that the American concern did not spare $ 500 million for the partner.

By the way, Ford is not the only company investing serious amounts in Rivian. So, for example, Internet companies Amazon invested $ 700 million in the manufacturer of electric cars. Recall that this company expects electric vehicles from Rivian to deliver its goods.

 About when the electric new product from Ford will enter the market, there is no information yet. And the company itself refuses to comment on data on those products that have not yet been submitted.

Meanwhile, Rivian showed an incredible U-turn system in place of his pickup truck. The new maneuver available to the electric car was called a “tank U-turn”.