Electric car Honda e turned into a drag racing car

Electric car Honda e turned into a drag racing car

April 20, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Honda Motor unveiled two professional motorsport cars based on production models – the Honda e subcompact electric car and the Honda N-ONE petrol kei car.

The sports prototype based on the Honda e is called the e-DRAG and is intended for use in drag racing (sprint straight races). The car is significantly lighter than a production car. Instead of the hood, front fenders, bumper and front panel, a one-piece removable hood made of lightweight and durable carbon fiber is used, which, however, repeats the design of the plumage of the usual Honda e. The boot lid and rear bumper have also been replaced with carbon fiber parts. For additional weight reduction, instead of side windows, polycarbonate elements are used, the rear sofa and wheel arches have been removed, vibration and noise-absorbing mats have been removed. The front bucket seats are made on an aluminum frame. The suspension was made more rigid – so that the car would better keep straight. The rear axle has M&H Race Master slick tires, forged wheels. The rigidity of the body is increased by a racing roll cage, welded from steel tubes.

The Honda N-ONE Kei car has been turned into a speed uphill race car (one of the determining factors for this type of race is cornering speed). The racing car is called the K-Climb, and it uses carbon fiber bumpers, a hood and a radiator grill to make it lighter than the original kei car. The body kit is aerodynamically optimized with a large spoiler above the tailgate. Other differences include wheels on 165/55 R15 Yokohama Advan Fleva sports tires, a retuned suspension, an anti-roll bar and a twin tailpipe exhaust system.

Recall that the Honda e has been produced since 2019, it is equipped with a 148 hp electric motor installed on the rear axle. and a torque of 300 Nm. The Honda N-ONE RS is equipped with a 63 hp 660 cc petrol engine.