Electric car from Lucid Air will offer a range of 711.33 km

Electric car from Lucid Air will offer a range of 711.33 km

August 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Lucid has just released a teaser showing the range of its upcoming Air luxury electric sedan. This figure is 711.33 km. The debut of the novelty is scheduled for 11/08/2020.

Recently, the American Tesla Model S sedan became the first electric vehicle to receive the maximum range (per charge) among electric vehicles in the EPA cycle, which is standardized by the United States. Its best figure is 646.96 km, and while this is certainly an impressive figure, it looks like Lucid Air will be able to surpass it.

In a short video teaser, which was released by the Lucid brand press office a couple of minutes ago, there is a significant hint of the range of the new Air sedan. You can watch the counter go up and up.

Although difficult to see, we managed to catch the first number on the list, which is a shocking 711.33 km (442 miles).

This is a whopping 64.37 kilometers more than the Model S. Representatives of the company Lucid have always stated that the Air’s range will exceed 643.74 kilometers, so then 711.33 kilometers does not seem so unattainable.

One of the reasons the Air is expected to show very high range on a single full battery charge is because the sedan’s aerodynamics are unmatched. In addition, the battery capacity of the Air sedan is currently unknown. These figures have not yet been published. However, its top speed is known and it is impressive – 378.11 km / h.

Lucid plans to introduce Air in 2021, and sales will begin at that time. Pricing is not yet known at the moment, but we suspect Lucid will offer several versions of the Air sedan at different prices. It was once stated that the basic version of the novelty will cost $ 60,000, while the starter version of the most expensive electric vehicle configuration will cost you about $ 165,000.

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