Electric Buick Velite 7 officially debuted

Electric Buick Velite 7 officially debuted

June 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Buick released the first image of the Velite 7, a new electric hatchback with a familiar base.

Earlier this year, the first images of the Velite 7 electric car designed for the Chinese market appeared on the Web. Now Buick independently presented the official image. The Velite 7 is a crossover with a fairly high ground clearance that closely resembles the Chevrolet Bolt and Opel Ampera-e. Being a GM brand, Buick, of course, has the ability to re-profile Bolt / Ampera-e, in addition, this is a relatively inexpensive way to add a new model to an existing lineup.

The Buick Velite 7 is a technically simplified Bolt / Ampera-e, which means that the Chinese version of the model is also likely to get the same all-electric powerplant that delivers 204 hp. and 360 Nm of torque. Cruising range Bolt was increased in 2019 to 416 kilometers by the EPA method. Buick himself talks about the NEDC range of 500 kilometers. This range is made possible by a 66 kWh battery instead of the previously used 60 kWh battery. However, it is not yet known which of these blocks Chinese Buick Velite 7 will receive.

In accordance with the traditions of China, the Velite 7 will be about ten centimeters longer than its western brothers. This means that the Chinese Buick will have a length of 4.26 meters. The wheelbase stretches about 8 cm relative to the existing Velite 7 “relatives”, up to 2.76 meters.