Electric Bollinger showed their abilities

Electric Bollinger showed their abilities

April 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A startup from New York published another teaser video, where not only the assembly line was shown, but also some details of the running tests of electric SUVs. At the moment, the technical characteristics of the two models are published – the B1 SUV and the B2 pickup, however, the third version is also shown in the video – a shortened version of the SUV in a three-door body, from which the public history of the company began.

All Bollingers, as far as is known, share a platform, a power plant and assembly principles. The company’s assets include a twin-engine power plant (one electric motor for each axle), providing, according to updated data, 615 hp. and 900 Nm of torque. On a set of 100 km / h with such motors in a five-door SUV will take about 4.5 seconds, and the maximum speed of Bollinger B1 is limited to 160 km / h. The power reserve of an SUV with more than 300 km.

At the same time, the off-road and pickup truck were promised unique off-road abilities. Active air suspension allows you to change ground clearance in the range from 250 to 500 mm, the geometry of the body provides impressive entry / exit angles, and in the transmission a reduction row is provided. Interestingly, the Bollinger B1 can optionally be “disassembled” almost to the state of buggy: the aluminum body structure allows you to remove not only the side windows, but also the doors, and roof panels, and even the windshield.

The company claims that they have already received more than 25,000 pre-orders for both models. Production should start next year, and closer to its beginning, the company will announce prices for electric SUVs, as well as plans for the production of rear-wheel drive modifications and exports to other countries.