Electric BMW i7 first caught by photo spies

Electric BMW i7 first caught by photo spies

November 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Automakers from Germany are actively electrifying their lineup. Audi plans to introduce an electric version of its next-generation full-size luxury A8 sedan, Mercedes boasts a future alternative to the S-Class – EQS. BMW is preparing an electric version of the BMW 7 Series.

motor1.com publishes spy shots of the test mule BMW i7. This is the same electric sedan that promises to be the most powerful in the history of the brand. The beginning is good, but the engineers of the Bavarian brand still have to work hard before the electric novelty gets to the conveyor. On the back of the car, you can distinguish the inscription “electric test car” – they are located on the driver’s door and rear bumper. An angular exhaust tip is still present, but it is not connected with anything.

Interestingly, the Bavarians partially dressed in camouflage head optics and taillights. Foreign journalists suggested that on the test BMW i7, the brand is simultaneously testing new lighting technologies.

 Recall, it was previously reported that the BMW i7 will enter the market in the regular and “sports” S-version. So, the i7S will receive power up to 670 horsepower and an increased battery with a capacity of 120 kW / h. With it, such a “green” sedan will be able to drive about 580 kilometers through the WLTP cycle. The standard version will produce 550 forces, and its battery will be slightly less – 100 kW / h. In this case, the power reserve is maintained.

 Both versions of the BMW i7 will be equipped with two electric motors, a full drive is expected. Also new to the system is a quick charge system, in all likelihood with 800 volt architecture, like the Porsche Taycan. The launch of the BMW i7 is unlikely to take place before 2022.