Electric bike Sur-Ron Boom Bee photographed during testing

Electric bike Sur-Ron Boom Bee photographed during testing

August 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A video published from tests on a cross-country track shows that a Chinese company is working on a new electric enduro. And recently, Electrek hit the specification of new items.

Sur-Ron first appeared on the motor market early last year with the Light Bee / Firefly lightweight electric motorcycle. This is a powerful and lightweight small bike with a 6-kilowatt engine. With a top speed of about 80 km / h, this was still not enough.

Now, judging by the videos and Electrek sources, the company plans to release a large electric bike called Boom Bee. It will be a full-size bike similar to the Zero FX.

It is assumed that he will receive a 20-kilowatt engine, doubled batteries, and will weigh an order of magnitude more Light Bee. The model should get some more equipment to go as a prototype for testing with dealers around the beginning of 2020.

Perhaps the manufacturer will show Boom Bee already at the end of this year, then we will find out more details about the upcoming new product. In the meantime, you can look at a really powerful bike in the video below.