Electric Ariel Nomad created for shop window

Electric Ariel Nomad created for shop window

October 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Engineering giant BorgWarner is integrating a 268-horsepower twin-engine EV transmission into a British SUV to highlight new technologies.

Leading automotive engineering firm BorgWarner has transformed the Ariel Nomad SUV into an all-electric car.

The disposable machine was manufactured as a demonstration of electric drive technology developed by an American company and its partners. The company is replacing the 2.5-liter 235-hp Honda gasoline engine that is commonly used in the Nomad with an electric system that uses two engines, totaling 268 hp.

The upgraded Nomad is a rear-wheel drive, each of which independently drives the rear wheel through two separate eDriveGear gearboxes driven by a torque vector. BorgWarner says the installation offers “more power and durability.” The engines are powered by a 350 V 30 kWh liquid-cooled power supply.

BorgWarner reports that the extensive use of torque vectoring through an electric powertrain improves steering response and allows regenerative braking to expand the range.

The British Nomad was chosen for the project in part because the open-top design allows the BorgWarner team to easily install and remove components, and it is intended solely for a one-time demonstration.

Kahan Yilmaz, technical director of BorgWarner, said the redesigned Nomad is a “high-voltage demonstration” that “provides us with a fantastic tool to showcase our vast capabilities, collaborate with industry partners, and evaluate current and future technologies at the system level.”