Elbon: Tests can be called successful

Elbon: Tests can be called successful

March 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For debutant Toro Rosso Alexander Elbon, Thursday was the final day of the pre-season tests. For four days of working with the machine, Elbon drove almost 500 laps …

Alexander Elbon (2nd): “I am pleased with how the winter tests passed – I managed to drive a lot of circles and devote maximum time to working with the machine. It is too early to draw conclusions, only in Melbourne it will become clear what the opponents were working on, but we can be happy with how my four days of tests passed.

Today, it turned out again that more than 100 laps were recorded, which became possible thanks to the tremendous work of the whole team and the high reliability of Honda power plants. On tests, I always want to drive as far as possible, we succeeded, and I learned a lot and began to feel much more comfortable – this would not have happened if the car hadn’t been so reliable.

In general, the STR14 makes a good impression, there are no unpleasant surprises. On Friday, the team will have to perform several checks, after which the pre-season tests will end for us, but they can already be called successful, because we tried many different ideas and were able to understand which of them are effective. For two weeks we have steadily progressed – the team worked perfectly, providing an excellent basis. “

Jonathan Egginton, Deputy Technical Director: “Since today’s test was the final for Alexander, we tried, first of all, to simulate qualification and race, and the remaining time was used for basic checks and performance evaluation of aerodynamics. With his inherent approach to the tests, Alexander, as expected, showed good progress during the development of qualifications, successfully adapting to different mixtures and improving conditions on the track.

In the simulation of the race – which, however, could not be completed due to the stopping of the session with red flags – we used the toughest train. Alexander gained additional experience with long-distance tires, began to feel much more confident, and engineers received valuable information to prepare for the final test day. The overall pace we are satisfied with is yes, there were a lot of questions about tire wear and pelletization, some stages of the season can be very difficult for all participants, but we used these tests to work, including, to minimize negative effects. ”

Toyoharu Tanabe, technical director of Honda F1 debut race! On Friday we will have a final day on the track, we hope to successfully complete the pre-season tests. ”