Elbon: I learn from Verstappen, listening to his comments

Elbon: I learn from Verstappen, listening to his comments

September 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Alexander Elbon is one and a half years older than Max Verstappen, however, the Dutchman has much more racing experience – if Elbon made his debut in Formula 1 only this season, then Max has been playing since 2015 and has already won seven victories. Alexander noted that playing with such a strong partner helps him progress, as he learns a lot from Verstappen.

Alexander Elbon: “Do not think that Max comes up to me and says:“ So, Alex, come to me, I will show you how to go through this turn. ” Rather, I learn from him at briefings with engineers. I listen to his comments, listen to how he interprets the behavior of the machine, and what I want to do to make it faster. Moreover, I even pay attention to how he speaks and interacts with the team.

Each team has its own set of phrases and words through which communication takes place. There are a lot of Britons in Red Bull, so this is a British team, and here is their own communication style. Toro Rosso has a lot of Italian experts, therefore the communication style was different, we used different words.

That is why, in order to study, it is much more useful to attend briefings than to ask a partner: “Max, how do you drive this turn? I want to understand, because you are very fast in it. ” Competing partners can mislead each other, so you never ask such questions, and you never give such advice. ”