Elbon: I feel the car much better now

Elbon: I feel the car much better now

April 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the results of the second day of tests in Bahrain, Alexander Elbon was the leader in the distance covered: the Toro Rosso driver drove 143 laps or 774 kilometers.

Alexander Elbon (7th): “Yesterday we lost a few hours because of the rain, but today was very productive. We conducted more aerodynamic tests and better understood the behavior of tires. We managed to find out several interesting points, so the impression from the tests is largely positive. I am sure that we will apply this knowledge in further work during the season.

Today everything went smoothly, I drove a lot of kilometers and now I feel a much better car. The schedule was intense, but it’s nice to finish the day with a leader in the distance covered! ”

Jonathan Eddols, chief race engineer: “After the not very successful Tuesday, today everything went much more productive. Alexander worked with the machine, as well as yesterday, and we decided to complete the program of one and a half days of tests in the allotted time. The morning began with aerodynamic checks – Alexander traveled with special sensors, so that later we could compare the obtained information with the results of tests in a wind tunnel and CFD data.

Then we went to work on the mechanical settings of the chassis and the evaluation of the behavior of rubber composition C3 – the very one that was used in the qualification, these tires we had six sets. The wind was not as strong as on the weekend, which had a positive effect on the behavior of the car, but for the same reason it was difficult for us to identify solutions to improve the balance that was used on Saturday and Sunday.

In the afternoon, we focused on assessing the behavior of rubber tighter formulations on a long series of circles, trying to understand what can be achieved with the help of settings. The session ended with several short series on soft tires – we collected information with an eye to the next race.

Daniel today worked on the Pirelli program, evaluating tires for 2020. With the car there were no problems, and Alexander recorded at his own expense 774 kilometers, and Daniel – 601, for which many thanks to them both and the whole team. In the next few days, we need to analyze a large amount of information in order to be much more competitive in China. ”

Masamitsu Motohashi, Deputy Technical Director, Honda F1: “After the unexpected and prolonged rain on Tuesday actually took half of the time allocated from the teams, the final day of the tests passed in more usual weather. Honda power plants were again presented on three cars – one at the Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso, and another one – on the STR14, which worked on the Pirelli program.

There were no problems, and we managed to catch up the time lost yesterday, each of the three cars drove more than 100 laps. In the work on the power plant, we tried to optimize the settings for the upcoming races, and we were completely satisfied with the results. The received information and feedback from the teams will be immediately used in preparation for the third stage of the championship – the Grand Prix of China. ”