Elbon and his engineer on the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan

Elbon and his engineer on the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan

April 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the eve of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, Toro Rosso pilot Alexander Elbon and his racing engineer Pierre Amlin told about the difficulties of the Baku stage of the championship.

Alexander Elbon: The most difficult part of the Baku highway is the section that goes along the fortress wall. In my opinion, now this very narrow turn has become quite famous, although the race in Baku appeared in the championship calendar not so long ago.

Also there are a lot of curbs, and in qualifying one has to take an additional risk, to use them more actively. However, this only makes the task even more interesting, and the passage of such turns is a pleasure.

Pierre Amlin: This route is very difficult both for the racers and for us, the engineers. This is a city ring, where all turns are slow, and there is only one that can be called speed, but we don’t pay special attention to it, basically setting the car up for turns that need to be done at low speeds.

But at the same time in Baku there is a long 2-kilometer straight, and with this in mind, the car must be tuned to a small level of drag, we are trying to reduce it as much as possible.

It turns out that we set up the car, as for Monaco, but we put the rear wing, as for Monza. And yet, since in Baku all the turns are of the same type, then in working with the settings one can choose one basic direction. Consequently, we solve slightly simpler problems than in Melbourne, where there are both slow corners and speedy ones.