Eco Explorer Hybrid has a cruising range of 1,609 km

Eco Explorer Hybrid has a cruising range of 1,609 km

February 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Campers Scotland, which is located in the UK, has unveiled the perfect car for travelers. The car, which was called Eco Explorer, is assembled on the basis of the Japanese hybrid minivan Toyota Alphard.

On assurances of the guys from the British brand, which manufactures motor homes, their Eco Explorer can rightfully be called a tourist van, which can also be used as a daily car.

Perhaps the main feature of this car is the cruising range of 1 609 km.

It should be noted that Campers Scotland has also made a durable all-wheel-drive SUV from a Japanese minivan Mitsubishi Delica D:5.

Saloon “decoration” of the car for travel has been slightly modified – instead of having only the rear two-seater “bench”, Eco Explorer boasts a rear sofa for three seats. Thus, the Eco Explorer is a universal 5-seater, which can take a small family to hike on weekends. Instead of a full-fledged kitchen unit, there is an induction stove hidden under the bench, a removable table and a fridge on the front console.

  In addition, the rear seat is pushed forward, so that if necessary, you can increase the space for luggage, and at night the rear seats can be folded up – you get a fairly large berth. In combination with a pull-out bed on the roof, up to five people can sleep in the Eco Explorer.

 The Eco Explorer hybrid van costs £ 24,995. It comes only with the right wheel.

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