Ecclestone: Vettel and Hamilton may become a super team

Ecclestone: Vettel and Hamilton may become a super team

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Talk about in which team Sebastian Vettel can continue his career in Formula 1 after 2020, and whether he has such plans at all, was enough before Ferrari decided to refuse his services. And now, when Maranello signed a contract with Carlos Sainz, this has become one of the most discussed topics.

Bernie Ecclestone has long said that he would like to see Sebastian, with whom he has a long-standing friendly relationship, in the Mercedes team. The former head of the Formula 1 management is not at all embarrassed by the fact that both racers are characterized by frank egoism, because it is always included in the set of qualities that distinguish champions.

“I would like him to become a partner of Lewis Hamilton,” said Ecclestone in an interview with RTL. – In my opinion, they get along with each other without any problems. It’s not that both egoists are the main thing, both are very talented. Of these, one could make up a super team.

I do not foresee any problems due to the fact that Lewis might not like it. And I know for sure that Sebastian would be glad of such an opportunity to measure his strength with him. “

In theory, even Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes, likes this idea, he admits that it is good from a marketing point of view, but in practice the champion team does not consider this option a priority.

Although, according to rumors, Valtteri Bottas, whose contract expires this year, has already begun to prepare for himself a “replacement airfield”, in particular, he is allegedly eyeing Renault, because there is a vacancy, because Daniel Riccardo decided to part with the French team and next year will play for McLaren.

And someone makes even bolder assumptions that the Finn is not by chance very actively interested in rallying, participating in tests and competitions – maybe he is going to continue his career in this form of motorsport?

The answers to this and other questions related to personnel shifts in teams, we will learn after some time, and, as always, Formula 1 may present yet another surprise.