EBay sells a phone booth with a 380-horsepower V8 engine

EBay sells a phone booth with a 380-horsepower V8 engine

April 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An unusual vehicle with a telephone box instead of the usual body was estimated at 119,000 euros.

On German eBay, they are trying to find an owner for the original hot rod, built by Canadian customizer Jerry Nime back in the late 1970s. This strange car surprises with a phone booth acting as a body. For an unusual vehicle they are going to help out 119,000 euros. To get a telephone booth on wheels and with a motor, an inventive Canadian took an old Ford chassis.

 The 380-horsepower V8 engine from Chevrolet, combined with 4AKPP, is responsible for the performance of the car. All traction here goes to the giant rear wheels.

 You can control the throttle from the telephone disk in the booth itself. There was a place on the floor for the hydraulic brake lever, and the steering wheel can be easily removed if desired. In fact, it is here as an accessory, since such a car is forbidden to appear on ordinary roads. The first debut of this unusual hot rod was held as part of the Canadian international motor show. After that, in 1981, the car went to a tuning show in Essen, Germany, where it attracted a local collector who bought it. From this moment on, they no longer heard about the car. Until she appeared on eBay.