EarthCruisers can go anywhere on this motorhome!

EarthCruisers can go anywhere on this motorhome!

May 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Australian company EarthCruisers presented its new model based on the Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser 79 pickup truck. The machine is equipped with everything necessary for an autonomous trip to the most remote places.

Have you ever dreamed of spending a weekend or even a few days in the desert, away from the city. Of course, provided that you have everything you need for autonomous living outside civilization for several days. For these purposes, you can buy yourself a huge mobile home or a large residential trailer, but they can be excessively expensive and their size is relatively impractical. If you want something much more compact, then you should pay attention to the latest model from EarthCruiser.

EarthCruiser is a company based in New South Wales, Australia, which prides itself on nearly 70 years of experience in creating this kind of transport. Their latest project is based on the Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser 79 pickup truck with one cab.

Called Extreme (XTR), the car boasts a solar panel as well as excellent equipment. The machine can easily accommodate up to three people, and all of them will not feel constrained in anything.

With a weight of 4.6 tons, this is the smallest chassis-mounted camper in the EarthCruiser line. The Land Cruiser pickup truck received a 2-inch suspension lift, differential and axle upgrades, and inflated leaf springs. The company also offers a version of the camper with an extended wheelbase, as well as with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission, which will be combined with a 4.5-liter V8 turbodiesel, designed for 200 “horses”. The caravan is also equipped with a water tank of 80 liters, which can be increased up to 200 liters, and an additional fuel tank, which is designed for an additional 110 liters.

 The camper itself is a retractable roof construction made of composite materials. This is actually a two-story installation with a size of 61 x 84 inches. On the ground floor of Extreme (XTR) there is a kitchen set at the rear of the cargo platform, there is a sink, fridge / freezer and a dining room for two with an indoor / outdoor table.