EarthCruiser Unveils Perfect Travel Camper

EarthCruiser Unveils Perfect Travel Camper

October 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American company EarthCruiser builds functional and very stylish mobile homes on the basis of a wide variety of pickup trucks and trucks. Her next project is a Terranova camper with a glass roof, a mini-bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom.

EarthCruiser has announced its new model, the EC Terranova Expedition Camper. It can be mounted on a Ford F-350, Chevy Silverado 3500, or Ram 3500 2020+ chassis.

With its help, an ordinary pickup truck turns into a comfortable mobile home, while maintaining its off-road qualities. So even on rough terrain, the novelty from EarthCruiser will not fail.

Compared to traditional campers, EC Terranova compares favorably with more compact dimensions and lighter weight – hence better dynamics and controllability. If required, the novelty can tow a boat or trailer.

In the manufacture of the camper, the Americans used fiberglass and high density plastic. It is attached to the car’s chassis thanks to the patented EarthCruiser kinetic attachment system. Not without a lifting roof. It not only protects from bad weather, but also keeps you warm. A bonus is the panoramic view provided by eight windows at once. The roof is easy to raise and lower.

In the car there was a place for a bed, ventilation system, air conditioner, mini-kitchen with a sink, induction hob and refrigerator, etc. Such a motorhome can accommodate four people. We did not forget about the bathroom with all the necessary fixtures.

The novelty can already be booked, but you will have to wait for its entry into the market – the release is scheduled for early 2021.

The Fiat Ducato concept camper with a unique modular interior was shown earlier. The interior space here is easily “adjusted” to the specific needs of the owner: a motorhome for travel, an office on wheels, etc.