EarthCruiser introduced a motorhome for long trips

EarthCruiser introduced a motorhome for long trips

June 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The guys from EarthCruiser introduced a new version of their motorhome, which can now accommodate a much larger number of residents than before. Pricing for the new product has not yet been announced.

EarthCruiser has a reputation as the creator of a number of very cool, in terms of the ability to overcome the impassability of motor homes. The only thing missing in these cars was the space ahead for more than two passengers to drive safely, but now this is changing with the new versions of the big FX and EXP cars that got double cabs.

New models are a continuation of the current FX and EXP. This means that these motor homes are built on the chassis of the Japanese Mitsubishi Fuso truck, and are also equipped with a 6.0-liter Vortec V8 engine from the American concern GM, which can produce up to 297 horsepower and 490 Nm of torque. The Allison six-speed automatic transmission delivers power to all four wheels. Thanks to anti-slip plates, protective covers and a large winch, off-road capabilities of new motor homes significantly increase.

The big news is that now the cabin can accommodate four passengers instead of two. The additional cabin is equipped with a pair of seats that provide an appropriate level of safety, which is very important when traveling in difficult terrain.

“We look forward to launching a double cab home,” said Chad Knight, CEO of EarthCruiser. “For many years, outdoor enthusiasts have chosen our cars, which could provide them with the opportunity to travel even to the most remote locations. A two-cab platform allows owners of our next-generation motorhomes to share this lifestyle with their children, parents and friends. ”

As for the “living room”, it has a fully equipped kitchen with a built-in stove and a pull-out refrigerator, shower, toilet with composting function and a large dining area for eating. A water filtration system is available, as well as a water heater. the machine is equipped with a 400 amp * hours battery system that will be charged through the charger of the alternator. There is a 3000-watt inverter / charger and three 108-watt solar panels.