Dyson will release an electric car with ground clearance more than the Range Rover

Dyson will release an electric car with ground clearance more than the Range Rover

May 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Car design shown on patent images

The manufacturer of household electrical appliances, Dyson, patented the design of his electric car. Judging from the image, it will be a five-meter seven-seater crossover, with ground clearance more than that of the Ranger Rover, and huge wheels.

The British edition of Autocar writes that the length of the car Dyson will be close to the standard Range Rover – that is, its length will be about five meters. The wheelbase of the electric vehicle will be 3300 millimeters, and the height – 1650 millimeters. The ground clearance of the car will be 40-60 millimeters larger than the Range Rover (220 millimeters). In addition, the Dyson will be non-standard wheels – their diameter is 23 or 24 inches – shod in narrow tires.

The basis of the car will be a skateboard platform with several electric motors powered by solid-state batteries and a self-leveling adaptive suspension with adjustable clearance. The body will be made of aluminum, as the company’s founder, Sir James Dyson, believes that the steel is too heavy and the carbon fiber is not strong enough. The cabin will have seven seats – the seats of the second and third rows will be set higher than the first, for better visibility.

The board of the automotive division of Dyson includes people from Aston Martin and BMW. This indirectly indicates that the car will be positioned as a premium product: it is likely that Dyson will compete with Jaguar Land Rover and Tesla. A pilot batch of cars will be assembled at the company’s plant in Wiltshire, but mass production will be organized in Singapore. It is expected that the Dyson electric car will be on the conveyor by 2020.