Dyson fully revealed its electric car

Dyson fully revealed its electric car

June 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Dyson unveiled new images of his abandoned electric SUV design, giving us a complete picture of the car.

Now we can see the design in more detail, in particular, the highly aerodynamic Dyson form obtained for the SUV. Small headlights, similar to Aston Martin Vantage headlights, are the only feature of the front of the model, which has a horizontal air intake, and there are two vertical ones located in each corner of the front bumper.

Huge 24-inch aerodynamic wheels are installed – which, according to Sir James Dyson, plays a key role in the design of the car, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from the point of view of low rolling resistance and ride comfort. Smaller details include hidden door handles, tiny camera legs instead of side mirrors and protruding square wheel arches.

Inside the car, the Dyson seats up to seven people in a three-row configuration using seats designed to support posture. The interior is upholstered in fabric, not leather. Also inside is a central infotainment screen in the center of the dashboard. There is no traditional dashboard – the projection display is aimed at the windshield, right in front of the driver. Almost every button for driving a car is located on the steering wheel, while other indicators are located on each side of the dashboard – live broadcasts for the camera-based side mirror system. The car’s climate control system uses air filtration technology developed on the basis of Dyson products for the home.

The Dyson was to be built on a modular electric platform capable of supporting several different body styles. To power the SUV, a Dyson electric motor with a single-speed transmission and a power inverter was used – one on each axis to provide four-wheel drive. The battery system would be modular, allowing you to install batteries of different sizes and, ultimately, allowing Dyson to sell his car at different prices.

The most interesting of all is the company’s description of battery technology. According to Dyson, the aluminum battery case allows you to install not only batteries of different sizes, but also to make small changes without requiring a significant change in design. This suggests that the Dyson platform Рoriginally designed to support lithium-ion batteries Рwill also be compatible with solid state cells when they become economically viable for use in automobiles.

Dyson talks about how the vehicle will automatically lower when driving to be more aerodynamic, while also having a lift function for less ideal terrain and other areas where greater ground clearance is required.

Dyson’s car project was canceled in October 2019, and Dyson returned a grant of $ 7.8 million to the government. Dyson received a grant in 2016 amid expectations that the project would lead to a boom in engineering and employment in Wiltshire’s hometown, although the company subsequently announced that the car would be built in Singapore.