Dyson decided to release three electric models

Dyson decided to release three electric models

February 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews


The range of Dyson electric vehicles will consist of three models. In this case, the very first of them will become a “test stone” for the vacuum cleaner manufacturer: the production will be small, and its release should teach the company how to interact with new suppliers and orientate in the auto business. This is reported by The Financial Times.

Earlier it was assumed that Dyson’s electric vehicles will be equipped with solid-state accumulators, which the company intends to develop on its own. However, they are not planned for the first model.

At the end of last year, Anne-Marie Sestri left the company, directing the direction to create this type of batteries. She joined the Dyson after having bought her Sakti3 battery manufacturer for $ 90 million. Whether these events are connected, – the departure of Sestri and the review of the timing of the launch of such batteries in the series – is not known. Nevertheless, Dyson still expects to use solid-state batteries on subsequent models.

The fact that the manufacturer of vacuum cleaners plans to start producing electric vehicles became known in September last year. Then the founder of the brand, Sir James Dyson, said that the company has been working on the machine for almost three years. The firm intends to do everything on its own without giving development and production to outsourcing, and also not using ready-made solutions (at least as far as the key components of the car) of other firms.

Dyson will invest in the project two billion pounds sterling. This amount will be spent on developing the machine itself and launching it into a series of solid-state batteries.

It is expected that the conveyor Dyson machine will rise by 2020. The circulation of the first model will be about 10 thousand copies.