Dutch car company Spyker goes bankrupt

Dutch car company Spyker goes bankrupt

January 17, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Dutch car company Spyker has gone bankrupt. This information was recently shared by RTL Nieuws.

This is an unexpected turn of events, given that Spyker had previously stated that an agreement with entrepreneur Boris Rotenberg and his business partner Mikhail Pessis would allow production to resume in 2021. In addition, the automaker was about to start producing some pending models, including the B6 Venator and D8 Peking-to-Paris.

But the funds promised under the agreement have not yet been received by Spyker, and the company is currently in an even worse position. “The money didn’t come, and all our activities were stopped,” Spyker CEO Viktor Mueller told a foreign newspaper.

Without investment, Müller was unable to make a payment of 52,000 euros, which, in principle, led to the filing of bankruptcy. According to Müller, I believed until the last that he would be able to avoid it. Nevertheless, the head of the Dutch company does not lose hope, as he believes that the likelihood of Spyker receiving investment is very high.

In addition, some time ago it was noted that the British car brand Bristol decided to revive. Thus, it is planned to resume the assembly of existing machines, and to develop a completely new one.