Ducati is about to launch an expensive electric scooter line.

Ducati is about to launch an expensive electric scooter line.

May 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Soon the limited edition series of two-wheeled vehicles could enter the market. Models will be released in collaboration with Vmoto. The cost is still unknown, but it will not be cheap compared to conventional electric scooters.

The famous brand of motorcycles decided to launch a series of electric scooters. The project is designed to draw attention to the company, as well as the first steps to electrification. The production of scooters will be arranged at the enterprises of the Vmoto company, which has a large dealer network and manufactures its own equipment under the CUx brand.

In fact, the Ducati premium scooter will be built on the basis of the standard CUx. Both companies claim that the equipment will receive more modern equipment, thoughtful design and improved ergonomics. Sales will be conducted through the Vmoto network. The joint work of the two companies will allow Ducati fans to purchase a premium two-wheel vehicle of high quality.

Details about the future novelty are not reported. Today Vmoto produces an electric scooter, equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of up to 3.75 horsepower. This allows you to accelerate to 45 km / h, and the battery provides mileage up to 75 km.