Ducati develops a 450cc crossbike

Ducati develops a 450cc crossbike

January 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Over the past few weeks, foreign online publications have written that Ducati is actively developing a 450cc cross-bike. It is difficult to explain such rumors, but if they prove to be true, then it will be a real bomb. Italian brand has nothing to do with motocross.

Yes, the Italians produce turenduro, but historically it turned out that Ducati specialize in circuit racing, not off-road disciplines.

The photo above shows the project of the Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi, who regularly draws interesting concepts.

Ducati CEO Claudio has always been enthusiastic about motocross, but at the moment the appearance of a Ducati crossbike seems impossible … On the other hand, a 450cc cross-country motorcycle could open doors for new Italians to new markets and expand its sphere of influence. This includes new customers and the opportunity to participate in various categories of motor sport.

Currently there are six major players in the cross-bike market. They all produce a very similar technique, so a new player (in this case talking about Ducati) needs to do something unique in order to change the rules of the game and achieve success.