Dual races may take place in China

Dual races may take place in China

June 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

So far, the calendar has been officially approved only for the first part of the season, which this year, apparently, will consist of eight European races. How the second half of the championship will develop is not yet clear, but the statements of the Formula 1 management have repeatedly emphasized that they will try to carry out from 15 to 18 stages, while a scenario is possible in which the season ends in January next year.

It cannot be ruled out that the European phase of the season will be supplemented, theoretically, races can take place in Hockenheim, Imola, as well as in Mugello. According to The Race, along with Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Sochi, China also expressed its readiness to conduct dual stages. At the same time, one of the conditions proposed by the leadership of Formula 1 is that for the second race the promoters will pay only half the amount agreed upon in the contract.

Liberty Media hopes to hold the Vietnam Grand Prix in November, but it seems that they are not ready for it; also because of the epidemiological situation, there is great doubt that Mexico and Brazil will be able to accept the race in the fall. The Japanese stage in Suzuka is also in doubt, although so far it remains in the draft version of the calendar of the second part of the season.

The second weekend of October was reserved for him – after the race in Shanghai – but if Japan could not hold the Grand Prix, it would be logical to replace it with the second stage in China.

Under the circumstances, the US Grand Prix cannot be held with the audience, and given that this race has always depended on the financial support of the state authorities, it is unlikely that Texas will consider it appropriate. However, if the American market is of key importance to Liberty, they can offer attractive conditions to the owners of the Austin race track: not only cancel the fee for the right to accept the race, but also partially compensate for organizational costs.

In any case, the more races will be canceled, the higher the likelihood that the number of double stages will take place, which will take place where possible, so that the season consists of at least 15 Grand Prix.