Dual drone lifts 5 times more and flies 10 times further

Dual drone lifts 5 times more and flies 10 times further

August 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Unlike conventional multicopters, the Avidrone 210TL is equipped with two sets of helicopter propellers, has a dual battery, and is capable of covering ten times the distance with the same power consumption. The device has already been launched into serial production.

Canadian startup Avidrone Aerospace has developed the 210TL cargo drone in the form of two small unmanned helicopters connected by tails. A container is attached between them: the customer can choose its shape and size from a standard set or order a unique cargo box to fit his needs.

The meaning of this design, according to the head of the company Scott Gray, is more efficiency compared to conventional multicopters. With the same amount of energy, the 210TL can cover ten times the distance of a drone, or lift five times the load.

The creators of the 210TL claim that the lithium batteries will last for 120 km. The carrying capacity of the copter is 25 kg, the maximum speed is 100 km / h, writes New Atlas.

Control is carried out from a tablet or laptop running the G4 autopilot program developed by the company. The user sets the route for the drone and launches it. The aircraft flies to its destination and unhooks the container itself at the desired point, and then returns to the launch site or wherever the operator indicates.

Drone 120TL has already been launched into mass production.

Wingcopter is going to produce a fleet of cargo copters for UPS. The company’s drones can fly vertically, like helicopters, and then, deploying the propellers, switch to level flight when they reach the desired altitude.