DS Techeetah employee accused of racism

DS Techeetah employee accused of racism

January 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

DS Techeetah management decided to remove an employee who is suspected of manifesting “hatred, intolerance and racism”.

Details of what happened are not given, except that it is about some reprehensible activity on social networks, as well as the names of people related to the scandalous situation, but the team enjoying factory support from the French company DS Automobiles, a premium unit of Citroen, found it necessary make a special statement.

“The Formula E DS Techeetah Team is an organization committed to the principles of equality and ethno-cultural differences.

Among the employees of the company there are representatives of 10 different nationalities. The owners of the team are from China, led by an Australian, and her riders from Portugal and France. This season, the team will perform in 12 countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and America.

Taking into account the international focus of the team, as well as its success achieved thanks to the talent of employees, close interaction between representatives of different cultures and mutual respect, our company takes an irreconcilable position in relation to any manifestations of hatred, intolerance and racism.

Content recently posted on a personal page on social networks is fundamentally incompatible with these principles.

The person in question is suspended from work at the DS Techeetah racing brigade. ”

Again, the statement made the day before on behalf of the whole team does not specify whether the employee will be fired or if he is talking about suspension from work.

The next stage of the season 2019-2020. will be held on January 18 on the city highway in Santiago, the capital of Chile.