Drunk driver fell asleep at Tesla and drove home on autopilot

Drunk driver fell asleep at Tesla and drove home on autopilot

December 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In the US state of California, police stopped a Tesla car in autopilot mode, the driver of which went over alcohol and fell asleep at the wheel.

This is reported by SFGate.

The 45-year-old member of the Urban Planning Committee, Alexander Samek, decided to rely on modern technologies and a little to drink with alcohol. After the party was over, Samek sat in the Tesla Model S and set a route to the house. Putting the autopilot in active mode, Samek fell asleep right behind the wheel.

The electric car, which was driving along the highway in compliance with all the rules at a speed of just over 110 kilometers per hour, was noticed by the police, but the driver did not respond to the demands to stop. Upon reaching the car, the police realized that the pilot of the car was sleeping right in the driver’s seat.

Using the Tesla Model S motion sensors, the driver was “pressed” to the side of the road, taken out of the car and asked to “blow to the straw”. A positive result guaranteed an electric car a place in a special parking lot, and a trial will be held in the near future over the driver.

Also, earlier, in the British city of St. Albans, a court for 1.5 years deprived Bevish Patel of a driver’s license for driving a Tesla passenger seat when the car was in autopilot mode.