Drunk Diego Maradona gave an interview at the wheel of a car

Drunk Diego Maradona gave an interview at the wheel of a car

July 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Legend of world football and acting Chairman of the Board of FC “Dynamo-Brest” Diego Maradona was in the middle of another scandal. The journalists took him drunk while driving a car and interviewed him.

For a new job in Belarus, Diego Maradona solemnly took over last week, but quickly flew home to Argentina, because, firstly, he did not find suitable housing in Brest, and secondly, the legend of football just missed his homeland very much and wanted to rest after many months of touring abroad.

He is resting at home Maradona, apparently, to its fullest. The other day, local journalists filmed a video, as he in the company of a pretty girl squeezes behind the wheel of the car through the right front door. Having settled down on the driver’s place, Maradona began to give interviews, and according to his speech it is noticeable that he drank decently. Nevertheless, the football guru skillfully highlighted the plight of Argentine football, whose development, in his opinion, is hampered by the dominance of corrupt officials in the leadership.

What the Argentine police thinks about this behavior of Maradona is still unknown. But it is known that upon the return to Belarus of the Chairman of the Board of FC Dynamo-Brest expects a mansion in Minsk for $ 20 million, a private plane (on which he will fly to work in Brest) and two cars – BMW and Rolls-Royce. Of course, with personal drivers, in case anyone dared to say that Maradona drives a car drunk. Belarusian girl high-paid top manager, too, surely will provide.