Druid presents a new hybrid motorcycle

Druid presents a new hybrid motorcycle

February 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The California company is preparing to release two versions of the bike Druid Sorcerer – fully electric and hybrid. The second engine will be able to develop power up to 230 hp.

Elektromototskly meet in the modern world is not difficult. On the wave of universal electrification, this is not surprising. But hybrid models are not so easy to find. Recently it became known that Druid Motorcycles is going to release a motorcycle Sorcerer in versions of Hybrid and XEV. The engine power of the second variant will be 150 hp

 The first is much more interesting – they installed an inline gas two-cylinder engine coupled with an electric motor, which in total give out 230 horsepower. Battery capacity – 14 kW. On one charge, the hybrid “Druid” can travel 320 km.

 Also, the bike will have a frame with variable geometry, made using a 3D printer. The company will begin to accept pre-orders in May of this year. Perhaps closer to this month will be more information about the model.