Drone photographed the mysterious Tesla at a factory in the United States

Drone photographed the mysterious Tesla at a factory in the United States

January 26, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

These could be updated versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X. Both models have long required an upgrade.

For the Tesla Model S, the automaker did a minor facelift in 2016, and the second electric car has barely changed its design since its debut in 2015. Recently, there have been rumors that Tesla is preparing updates for these models. And these photos only reinforce the belief in them. The pictures were posted on Twitter by Internet user Sawyer Merritt.

Photos taken from a drone flying by at the Tesla plant in Fremont. The drone captured three cars, reliably hidden from prying eyes. In the pictures, where the cars were able to get closer, models S and X are guessed in their silhouettes.

True, the electric cars in the photo have more angular edges. But the hood is characteristically extended. Also with the aforementioned electric cars, they have a more sculpted rear end in common. There are other fully-covered vehicles in the frame, but they look more like a Model 3 or Model Y in shape.

As a reminder, the brand stopped operating the Model S and Model X lines at the Fremont plant back in December 2020.

The reason for this decision was not reported then. At the same time, even then it was said that the brand could announce the renewal of its electric cars after the resumption of their release on January 11. The announced deadline has already passed, but no one officially spoke about the upgrade.

Earlier it became known that Tesla plans to speed up the production of Semi trucks as much as possible. For this, several new vacancies are already open at once. Recall that the initial debut of the car on the market was supposed to take place back in 2019.