Drivers of sports cars were detained for driving too slowly

Drivers of sports cars were detained for driving too slowly

August 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Connecticut police stopped several sports cars for “too slow” driving. The incident occurred on the highway number “I-15” near the Heroes tunnel. According to eyewitnesses, car drivers blocked both lanes of the road, and also videotaped.

Arriving at the scene patrol service detained ten cars, among which were Chevrolet Corvette and Audi R8. The drivers of the sports cars explained that they were shooting the pilot release of the new show, but they did not specify its name. After that, the police drafted protocols on the violation of traffic rules for all ten sports car owners.

In February it was reported that about ten policemen arrived with weapons to the garage of Enrique Mendoza, when they took the sounds of exhaust for shots. At first the policemen did not believe the owner of the Acura Integra DC5 compressor, but after the “lumbago” demonstration they apologized and said that the sound was very steep.

In the summer of last year, Detroit police detained musicians during the filming of the video. They took a scene from him for attempting an armed attack and stealing a car. Having dealt with the situation, law enforcers still detained three people for not notifying anyone and receiving permission to conduct the filming.