Drivers of Dubai will receive digital number plates

Drivers of Dubai will receive digital number plates

April 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Dubai Road and Transport Committee intends to launch a pilot project on the use of digital number plates. The initiative will automatically inform emergency services about accidents, exchange real-time data with other traffic participants and monitor the movement of stolen vehicles.

Each such sign will have a built-in GPS receiver, a transmitting device and a digital screen. The panel will be connected to the Network, which will automatically write off the fee for its maintenance, parking and fines from the owner’s account. The purpose of the pilot project will be to check the reliability of the technology in a dry climate with a high air temperature.

Digital license plates – not the first initiative of Dubai, associated with the development and improvement of transport systems. So, the city authorities intend in 2020 to launch a line of vacuum trains Hyperloop, which will run between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. A journey of 140 kilometers takes only 12 minutes.

In addition, the local transport administration plans to integrate flying taxis into the existing public transport network.

In January this year, digital car license numbers were allowed to be used in California. In addition to the alphanumeric code, the RPlate Pro panel, developed by Reviver Auto, can display personal messages, information about insurance and parking fees, and violations.