Drift version Supra with a 700-horsepower 2JZ engine

Drift version Supra with a 700-horsepower 2JZ engine

July 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

HKS, together with engineers, Toyota created a special version of the Toyota Supra sports coupe with the Drift prefix and the legendary row six-cylinder 2JZ from the previous generation under the hood. Unfortunately, this car will not be available – it was built specifically for the festival of speed in Goodwood.

The new generation Toyota Supra literally divided the world into two parts: someone supported the Japanese in their decision to move the sports car to a platform from the BMW Z4, but the model’s fans reacted negatively to changing the native 2JZ to the Bavarian engine. As a result, even before the official start of sales, options for tuning whales began to appear to replace the B58B30’s turbosix with the engine from the previous generation Supra. This time, representatives of Toyota themselves decided to please the rear-wheel drive coupe fans and together with HKS prepared a drift version of the model with a modified 2JZ for the Goodwood Festival.

Under the hood of the show car is a 700-horsepower 2JZ-GTE engine with HKS GTII-4R turbines, which made the car almost twice as powerful as the fastest production version of the GR Supra. In addition, the coupe was equipped with a specially designed suspension Hipermax SPL from HKS. Bonus festival option “Supra” received an aerodynamic package and an extended body kit.

The fifth generation of the Toyota Supra debuted this January at the Detroit Auto Show. The serial Toyota Supra is equipped with a three-liter “six” from BMW with a response of 340 horsepower. In addition, the budget version with a four-liter four-cylinder engine and a capacity of 197 or 258 horsepower will be presented on the Japanese market. Both engines will be paired with an eight-band automatic, like the top-end version.