Drag racing: electric Tesla Model Y versus petrol Corvette C8

Drag racing: electric Tesla Model Y versus petrol Corvette C8

October 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A video has been posted on the YouTube channel TLFCar showing a race in a straight line between a Tesla Model Y electric crossover and a C8-generation Chevy Corvette, which is equipped with a gasoline engine. I must say that the participants in the race have almost the same results.

Comparing the performance of the all-electric Tesla Model Y crossover to the petrol-powered sports coupe Chevy Corvette C8 may sound ridiculous, but still. Nowadays, automakers strive to improve electric vehicles while continuing to improve the internal combustion engine, and this creates strange races like this. In a new video from the TLFCar team, two dissimilar models compete with each other in a drag race, and I must say, they have almost the same results.

Tesla does not advertise the power of its vehicles, although the folks at TFLCar claim the Model Y Performance boasts around 450 horsepower (667 Nm).

This is similar to the performance of the Corvette coupe, which can develop up to 495 hp power and 637 Nm of torque. However, there are differences. The Model Y weighs 1,995 kg, while the Chevy weighs about 1,632 kg. The Corvette is rear-wheel drive compared to the all-wheel drive Tesla.

Both cars have almost the same start, and they go almost head to head to the finish line. The Corvette does get a slight lead early in the race, though the eight-speed automatic transmission’s lackluster shifts allowed Tesla’s electric car to close the distance before taking a slight lead. Ultimately, the Model Y beats the Corvette by just a couple of centimeters. With a longer track length, of course, an electric car could have won an unconditional victory.

In the numbers, the difference in performance is noticeable – the Corvette accelerated to 100 km / h in 4.17 seconds, and the Tesla Model Y was able to do the same in 3.93 seconds.

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