Drag race: race of different generations of subcompact Fiat 500

Drag race: race of different generations of subcompact Fiat 500

December 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A video has appeared on YouTube showing a drag race, in which almost all generations of the city kid Fiat 500 take part.

Motor1 Italia decided to race in a straight line between all existing generations of the Italian subcompact Fiat 500. All cars boast a rear-engined configuration.

A completely new version of the all-electric 500e is also in the race.

The pre-war Fiat 500, commonly known as the Topolino, is not participating as it is the only version of a front-engined Italian city car, and we doubt the enthusiastic team at Motor1 Italia could find a complete piece of this car suitable for drag racing

As you would expect, the newest version of the Fiat 500e EV quietly dominates the race. What’s interesting, of course, is how the Fiat Cinquecento stands up to the competition with the third generation model. Note that the Cinquecento was discontinued in 1998 and the next model began rolling out in 2007. After several years between these machines, we expected a very different result.

Again, the Cinquecento here was the Sporting model, which featured the largest engine in this generation’s lineup, giving it a slight edge over the newer 500.

Four Cars Embodying Change Over the Decades It’s amazing how the 500 has gone from a small and slow (and slightly noisy) hatchback to an now silent cruiser fast enough for the highway. Despite the changes, it remains the ideal spokesman for the Italian automotive industry, which has become future-oriented with the introduction of the electric version.