Drag race: new Toyota Supra vs BMW M2 Competition

Drag race: new Toyota Supra vs BMW M2 Competition

October 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Two sports cars with BMW engines fought in the race for half a mile

The South African Car magazine compared the dynamics of the rear-wheel drive coupe with the in-line Bavarian turbo six – the new three-liter Toyota Supra GR and the top version of the BMW M2 Competition. During the duel, measured showed acceleration from standstill to 100 and 200 kilometers per hour, as well as travel times of 400 and 800 meters.

Under the hood of the BMW M2 Competition, the S55 twin-turbo engine has 410 horsepower at 5,230 rpm and a torque of 550 Nm at 2,350 rpm. The power unit is combined with a seven-speed preselective robotized gearbox M-DCT, which provides acceleration of 0-100 kilometers per hour in 4.2 seconds.

According to the passport characteristics, Toyota Supra is slower: the BMW B58 supercharged engine produces 340 horsepower with 5000 rpm and 500 Nm of torque from 1600 rpm, and the claimed acceleration to 100 km/h is 4.3 seconds. Transmission – a classic 8-speed automatic. The advantage of Supra – less than 50 pounds curb weight.

After four hundred meters, two sports cars were divided by one instant – nine hundredths of a second. As speed increases, the more modern BMW S55 engine provides the “two” advantage.

The BMW M management does not exclude the possibility that in the future the Supra will receive a more powerful 500-hp Bavarian biturbo six”