Dozens of children were dragged along a street pulled by a Porsche with a priest

Dozens of children were dragged along a street pulled by a Porsche with a priest

November 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Video from the holiday inauguration of the priest blew up the Internet. Do people argue that this is a bad form or a local tradition that deserves respect?

The Catholic priest of the island of Gozo (Malta) John Sultana became the new head of the parish of Zebbug. And it would have passed for many people almost unnoticed if the parishioner had not filmed and posted this ceremony on the Internet, shocked by the inauguration ceremony. In the video, Sultan is in the cabin of a Porsche Boxster cabriolet, and dozens of schoolchildren are dragging along an elite foreign car on a rope. On the faces of all those present at the ceremony, genuine joy, and this despite the fact that it rained at times, so there were also umbrellas over the priest.

Waves of criticism immediately fell on John Sultan, he did not justify himself, he only noted that Internet users misinterpreted what was happening. For him, the representative of the city administration did this, explaining that the procession was nothing but a village tradition, which everyone present enjoyed and First of all, festively dressed children themselves. People were happy and prepared for the holiday in advance – they baked a giant pie that beat the national record in size. In addition, the priest was forced to borrow a beautiful car from his cousin, so that the ceremony looked especially solemn.

Commenting on this situation, the head of the Malta Secretariat for the Catechism, Father Rene Camilleri, criticized the “trip to Porsche”.

“I did not know whether to laugh or cry when I saw it all! At a time when there are constant attacks on the Catholic Church and accusations that the clergymen behave in an inappropriate way, one can hardly count on attracting new supporters of the church if such wild rites are held. I believe that people need to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ, and instead we demonstrate a joke, ”he said.

In Poland, a bishop was also spotted who sprinkled holy water from the backseat of a new BMW convertible to his flock.