Downed dog drove 45 minutes in a car bumper

Downed dog drove 45 minutes in a car bumper

November 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Chevrolet shot down a dog and drove it 25 kilometers in the front bumper

The dog was hit by a car at full speed and stuck in the front bumper, after which she managed to leave for another city before the driver suspected something was wrong.

A 16-pound Shiba Inu dog named Coco ran across a street in Albany, NY near his home when she was hit by a silver Chevrolet. The driver was distracted from the road and did not see the dog, so after hitting the front bumper, she decided that she crashed into a ball lying on the road or something like that. The woman stopped and went out to look at her car, but noticed only a broken bumper. As a result, she went on to the city of Rotterdam. After 45 minutes of driving, having traveled about 25 kilometers, the driver heard extraneous sounds and stopped to take a closer look at the damage.

This time, she still noticed a dog that was looking at her from behind the grille of a broken front bumper. The woman called the rescue service and the doctors from the nearest veterinary clinic came for the dog. Doctors said that the dog was incredibly lucky to get off with only a broken front paw – usually such stories end fatally. Fortunately, Coco in size fits perfectly into the front bumper of the car. Now the driver is the police, and the dog has to undergo several operations.