Dove saved the driver from speeding fine

Dove saved the driver from speeding fine

May 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Germany, the driver was able to avoid the penalty for speeding from the road camera. At the time of fixing the violation, the pigeon hit the picture and covered the motorist’s face. This is reported in the local police Facebook. According to the laws of Germany, if the driver is not visible in the photo, he is not fined.

The incident occurred in the city of Fersen. The driver was driving at a speed of 50 km / h on the highway with a speed of 30 km per hour. The penalty for this violation in Germany is 105 euros.

“We hope that the violator will evaluate this“ mark from above ”and make the right conclusions for himself in the future,” said a representative of the local police.

Earlier in the west of Germany, the road camera recorded a speeding dove. The bird flew along the city of Bochold at a speed of 45 km per hour. According to German law, the car can move on the road in the residential sector at a speed of 30 km per hour. As a result, a speeding violation was recorded by a photo-video fixation complex and a pigeon was charged with a fine of 25 euros. The incident occurred in February of this year. Local authorities said that it took them such a long time to study the image.