Dornbos worried about Red Bull’s technical outlook

Dornbos worried about Red Bull’s technical outlook

September 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Former Formula 1 driver Robert Dornbos, who once collaborated with Red Bull Racing, is concerned about the technical prospects of this team.

After the Singapore Grand Prix, Helmut Marco, Red Bull Motorsport Advisor, admitted that Max Verstappen could not fight for victory in the race due to incorrect machine settings associated with a miscalculation made on the basis of the team when working on the simulator.

And a few days earlier it was announced that Adrian Newey, the head of technical department at Red Bull, will be engaged in a new project together with the current Formula E champion Jean-Eric Vernem, who created the Veloce Racing team for performances in the Extreme E electric series.

Dornbosa was alarmed by the news: “This man is a genius. Basically, everything revolves around him. But as far as you can understand, now he works on Red Bull much less, devoting to the team not 100% of his time. He is engaged in other projects, for example, the creation of the Aston Martin Valkirie hypercar, and now also a new team with Vernem.

In my opinion, when at the center of the whole organization there is one person, and this person is not completely devoted to work, you will begin to have problems … In the end, Max can perform at the level of all other racers, but he is constrained by the car. ”