Dongfeng in Beijing: long-range electric coupe and SUV with 200-horsepower turbo engine

Dongfeng in Beijing: long-range electric coupe and SUV with 200-horsepower turbo engine

April 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Coupe demonstrates the development of design and technology of the Chinese company, and the crossover is already a serial model that will be released to the home market this year.

The Beijing Motor Show will open its doors only tomorrow, April 25, but some companies participating in the motor show decided to reveal their novelties in advance. To such concerns and Dongfeng. Home premiere Dongfeng – conceptual coupe eπ. The letter “e” means an electric drive, and the number “pi” symbolizes “the infinite possibilities of the future”.

The coupe received doors like “butterfly wings”, instead of external mirrors, video cameras were installed. In the cabin – a full-width display, the steering wheel extends from the front panel, if you activate the manual control: yes, the concept has an autopilot. At eπ – two versions: electric and hybrid (with the possibility of recharging). There is practically no information on power plants. It is known only that the car is all-wheel drive (probably the electric motors are in front and behind), the electric car’s power reserve is 500 km, and the hybrid will be able to fly out 1,000 km.

Dongfeng eπ is equipped with a new system of artificial intelligence WindLink 3.0, which is based on the Baidu DuerOS platform. The system can recognize faces and speech, it also gives access to music, maps, guidebooks, weather data and so on.

In the series of the coupe is unlikely to be sent, but the design elements of the concept may appear on other future models of the company.

The second Beijing premiere of Dongfeng is the T5 crossover. This is a commodity car, it will be released to the Chinese market by the end of this year. In China, the SUV will be sold under the sub-brand Fengxing, but on the stern we see another inscription – Forthing. It is assumed that the manufacturer adapted the name of the brand, which is difficult for foreign journalists.

The exterior of the T5 is made in the new style of Dongfeng. The length of the crossover is 4 530 mm, the wheelbase is 2,720 mm. SUV got a gasoline 4-cylinder turbo engine 1.6 with direct fuel injection. The output of the engine is 204 hp (280 Nm), it works in tandem with a seven-stage “robot” with a double clutch. The drive is front only.

The list of Fengxing / Forthing T5 equipment includes: a multimedia system with a large vertical touchscreen, a digital “fitting”, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking systems, switching headlights and warning of leaving the occupied band. The price of SUV is not announced. The company is not going to sell T5 outside of China yet.