Donald Trump’s driver sued because of unpaid processing

Donald Trump’s driver sued because of unpaid processing

July 10, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Former driver of US President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit in court. Noel Cintron claims that this step was taken because of unpaid processing. The driver filed his suit against the company The Trump Organization, reports CNBC. The White House has not yet commented on this incident.

The former driver claims that over the past six years, processing amounted to 3.3 thousand hours. Although under local laws, he was to receive an additional fee. He also complained that the employer for several years did not raise his salary and did not pay vacation and sick leave.

As a result, Noel Cintron decided to demand compensation through the court amounting to about 200 thousand dollars. At the moment, the Secret Service is responsible for transporting the American president.

In April this year, the US Secret Service received at its disposal a presidential limousine of a new type, on which Donald Trump will move. The first public appearance of the car should take place in the near future.